Nope, the title is not a typo, I purposefully put all those letters together in that specific order. I’m just as surprised as you are, the latest I heard it was still LGBTQQ. But, as I typed in Google to do research, low and behold there it was, that extra IP2SAA added on. I was very curious to find out what they all stand for. So, as always, I dug deeper. Let me give it to you all at once, here goes…

Intersex individuals who have 2 sets of genetalia (both female and male orgins)
Pansexual individuals who don’t want to be placed on the Kinsey Scale
2 Spirited both male and female-spirited
Asexual those who feel uninterested in sexual relations
Allies people who stand by and support all of the above

I, for one, find it all fascinating. I remember years ago, I went to a bisexual support group to accompany a friend who was coming out of the closet. I sat there in the circle, as we all took turns saying what we identify as. When it came to me, and I simply said “I’m a lesbian”, everyone waited patiently for the continuation of the sentence… it then dawned on me, I was considered boring with my simple one-worded label. Everyone else around me had a much more complex story and explanation of who they were. Very educational evening!

I have also come across many people who would rather not give themselves a label, as they feel that they will love who they love, regardless of gender. So, I feel like it really is different for everyone, some like labels for various reasons, and some don’t. I read an article tonight about the actress Shay Mitchell, who some of you may recognize from Pretty Little Liars, in which show she plays a lesbian. I’m guessing because of this, people often ask her if she is a lesbian in real life. She always refuses to answer, saying that she is with a male right now, but that doesn’t mean anything. You can read the article by clicking here.

Being in the year of 2016, I often assume that most people would be fairly open minded and aware of how things are changing in our society. It completely boggles my mind whenever I hear stories about negative reactions, closed-mindedness and ignorance. Although, I try to be as understanding as possible, as I do know that people are raised in certain ways sometimes, and just see the world in a different way. I was very lucky, as when I came out of the closet, I got very positive (and sometimes funny) reactions. Even though I could go on forever with stories, I will try to stick to the top 2.

I came out to my mom when I was 18, I think. I was quite nervous, as this was all new to me, and I was still learning how to deal with my new identity. I gingerly told her she may want to sit down for this news. In a panic, she sat down, eyes wide open, waiting for the worst possible news. Once I had told her, she quickly stood up and angrily said, “I had to sit down for that?!” She was upset that I had scared her for no reason. Phew! My mom’s great, isn’t she? I love telling that story. Number two would have to be an old friend from high school. When I told her the news, she thought for a while, then said the following, “Ok, well I guess I will accept you for who you are… please, just don’t fall in love with me” hehe! When I told her she had nothing to worry about, she was offended! I couldn’t win with that one 🙂 So, yes, I was quite lucky.

I can only hope and prey that everyone from now on can be this lucky, or better yet, that “coming out” not even exist anymore. I mean, have you ever known anyone who came out as straight? 

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