Degrassi: The Next Class Season 2

Season 2 of this show was made available on Friday… I finished watching the entire 10 episodes by Sunday. That’s how much I really love this show. But to be fair, each of these 10 episodes were only half an hour long, so it’s really not as bad as it sounds. Anyways, I wanted to talk a bit about the season and the overly shocking and unfair cliffhanger at the end.

Story-lines I really liked:

  • Frankie – Her whole story-line this season focused on the really important topic of racism. I think the way it was done really taught the viewers something, mainly how aware we all need to be. Ignorance is not an excuse.
  • Hunter – Wow! Degrassi has always handled mental health really well in the past, and this is no exception. Him getting help and working so hard on himself is so well done. Also, I gotta add… all the scenes with him and Miles made my heart break a little. I want a brother like Miles.
  • The love triangle between Tiny, Lola, and Shay – This scenario is very Degrassi, and all I gotta say is, I really hope Tiny is okay and can finally wind up with Shay, they were the original couple before Lola stepped in.
  • Zig trying to ‘fix it’ – Let’s face it, he cheated on Maya… no wonder she is having trouble forgiving him. BUT, I hope that she does (also, that there is no bus crash-tragedy for either of them), because I really loved them together.
  • Zoe coming out – Her denying her sexuality was really quite sad, I was so proud of her when she finally admitted it and told Winston the truth. His reaction was also very touching.
  • I’m sure I forgot one or two…

Characters I loved:

  • Lola – I didn’t really have much of an opinion of her before, but seeing her more this season was great. She is such a cute, pink-haired beauty.
  • Tristan – I’ve loved watching him grow as a character over the years, and I cannot get over how easy it is for him to be a main character and be gay and it not even be a ‘thing’ anymore. He is quite the role model, I think.
  • Zoe – No, not only for the obvious reason (the same name thing), but also because of what a complicated person she is and how far she’s come from being the spoiled, entitled teen when she first came on the show.
  • Hunter – Wow, what a talented actor! His character dealing with mental health issues and coming to terms with his condition is really inspiring.
  • Winston – What a sweetheart! He is like the ideal boyfriend character.
  • Miles – I cannot get over how much of a great guy he’s become. Hunter is one luck guy to have him as an older brother!
  • Frankie – Another Hollingsworth sibling that I liked this season. So much of this season was about her, and she carried it really well.

Couples I enjoyed seeing:

  • Frankie and Jonah… so cute, and Jonah is such a supportive boyfriend for her with everything that’s going on.
  • Tristan and Miles… I am so glad that these two were able to work out their many issues. It’s so amazing to see them happy, very well deserved after so long.
  • Zig and Maya – I really hope these two get a chance to work things out.
  • Yael and Hunter – I really think these two have great potential… do we have another Eclare on our hands?
  • Zoe and Grace – If Grace survives the accident at the end of the season, and she IS actually gay, these two could be an awesome couple!

The reunion: 

Hearing this was going to happen made me so happy, I really miss the old gang. The fifth episode of the season was the 500th episode of Degrassi so they made it a reunion episode… 35th anniversary of the school. Seeing so many of the old characters actually made me somewhat emotional. Paige, Marco, Emma, Spinner, Moe, Holly J., Sav, Peter (made appearances in 4 episodes as Maya’s boss), Liberty, and Craig who sang a song on stage at the big event. Also! Apparently, Emma and Spinner are still married! Who would have thunk it?

The cliffhanger of all cliffhangers:

Ahh! I am so happy that this show has been picked up for another 2 seasons, because never being able to find out what happened with the bus crash would have been awful. A bunch of the main characters were in this bus crash, and at least one is said to be in critical condition. I’ve read a lot of theories already about who this could be. Any thoughts?

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