Janice! Just Janice!

Who doesn’t remember the oh-so famous Janice from F.R.I.E.N.D.S? I mean, others may know her as ‘Janice Litman-Garelnick nee’ hosenstein’ or ‘Janice – Just Janice’, but in any case, no one could ever forget the recurring character whose catch phrase was “Oh My Gawd!” Maggie Wheeler played Janice so well that she was asked to come back after what was meant to be a one-time thing. After appearing on the show in an episode during season one, the character was loved so much that they wouldn’t let her go. She would up keeping up her recurring role for the entire ten seasons of the show; a whole decade of Janice is what everyone wanted. So, when I came across this article about Maggie Wheeler, there was no way that I wasn’t going to read it. Super awesome to hear all the great things she had to say about Mathew Perry AKA Chandler Bing. I also liked seeing the real Maggie Wheeler and getting to hear her real voice, wow! Who knew Janice Litman-Garelnick nee’ hosenstein could sound not-so-nasally?!

Some of my favorite Janice quotes:

  • “OH… MY… GAWD!”
  • Janice Litman: “So, I hear you hate me.”
  • Joey Tribbiani: “I didn’t say “hate”, I was really careful about that.” Janice Litman: “A little birdy said something about ripping your arm off and throwing it at me.” Joey Tribbiani: “You got “hate” from that?”
  • “I’m riding the alimony pony!”
  • Janice Litman: “Oh, well then shut me up.” Rachel Green: [Rachel smiles] “Just tell me how.”

Other than these wonderful quotes, I also always thoroughly enjoyed seeing Janice pop up everywhere unexpectedly. So many times throughout the series, the gang got a surprise appearance from their old friend Janice… at the hospital giving birth beside Rachel, wanting to move into a house next to the one Monica and Chandler are buying. and even at the sperm bank when Chandler and Monica wanted to have a baby. But, before all this happened, I think one of my favorite Janice scenes was back in the first season, when Joey unknowingly set Chandler up on a blind date with guess who? The poor guy, Chandler cannot get away from his ex-girlfriend! Him and his friends always felt very annoyed whenever they came across this woman, but I think the entire audience watching the show might have felt differently 🙂

*to avoid any excitement from the YouTube headline, sadly there doesn’t seem to be a ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ movie plan yet*

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