10 Cheerer-Uppers

Going along with the post I made yesterday, I’m going to keep talking about happy things. You know me, always Mrs. Positivity 🙂 But, this time instead of things that make me happy, it’s actually going to be things that can bring me back to happy. Obviously, there’s a huge amount of info out there about stuff like this, but I’m making a list that works more specifically for me.

  • Talking to someone It turns out, my wife, my mom, or any other friends or family members do usually tend to have good ideas
  • Distracting with fave TV show Full House did the trick as a kid, now Friends or many other shows work great
  • Music Listening to music can really change my mood
  • Changing environment (even just to the next room) New things to look at, maybe? Somehow switching places also switches my thoughts
  • Going for a walk Nothing like getting some fresh air to clear my head
  • Blogging Makes me feel great, I’m in my own little world
  • Breathing Deep breaths change the world
  • Colouring New things! Adult coloring books are all the rage
  • Organizing a drawer/cupboard (weird I know, but it soothes me) Somehow, clearing up a physical space also clears up my head
  • Word search / Sudoku Good distraction

So, these things work for me, doesn’t mean they work for everyone. I mean, I have heard lots of different things from people that really aren’t my thing, so everyone’s different.

What helps you cheer up?

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