10 Good-Doctor Traits

I recently was lucky enough to find a new family doctor, a complete lifesaver (not literally)! After having gone to the same doctor for about eight years, I had finally realized the super long trip out to Kanata was not worth the hassle. I mean, yes she was super nice and everything, but somehow, “Oh, we’ll just wait and see how it goes…” just wasn’t cutting it anymore. So, with my concerns, I decided to go online and take a little look around at doctor reviews. Low and behold, tons of people had written complaints about her, even a really bad misdiagnosis. Enough said, I needed an upgrade. I was slightly worried, because I had heard how hard it can be to find a new family doctor. But! Here came my luck! It just so happened that a former co-worker of mine had a daughter-in-law whom she highly recommended as a doctor! Gotta love having connections, right? Anyways, long story short, I LOVE her! Finally, someone who takes my condition seriously and is really proactive. As corny as this sounds, I actually almost cried during our meet and greet appointment. What a relief! It’s so important to have a doctor you trust. Here are the main characteristics I think a good family doctor should have:

      • Passionate about their job
      • Knowledgeable
      • Reliable
      • Proactive
      • Thorough
      • Good listener
      • Non-judgmental
      • Curious
      • Willing to admit if they don’t know something
      • Good at working with a team (other doctors or professionals involved)

What do you think a good doctor should be like?

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