13 Great Fall Things

So, it’s mid-October, and even though the weather has been all over the place lately, it is sadly time to admit that summer is really over. Yes, it’s hard with these random 20c+ days popping up so often, but it’s time for me to put away those shorts and sandals. Out come the hoodies and coats! I can just hear the ‘boo’ sounding in the background. But! Have no fear, if anyone can try to be positive even in October, it’s definitely me. Allow me to cheer you all up with a lovely list of fall-positives!

  1. Halloween Pumpkins, party planning, candy, etc. so very fun!
  2. Thanksgiving Already happened this year, but still a definite plus for the season
  3. Pumpkin-flavouring Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin muffins and donuts… the list goes on!
  4. Crunchy leaves There’s just something soothing about that sound you hear when walking on leaves
  5. Colourfulness outside Leaves changing colours, amazing!
  6. Pies? No idea why, but I feel like in the fall, pies are very in. Maybe the warmness of them?
  7. Back to school supplies I don’t know about you, but I used to really love buying my new stuff for the year… I can still smell those fresh notebooks..
  8. Movember Those moustaches look great!
  9. Fall clothes shopping Want a whole new look for the season? Here is your blank slate!
  10. Crisp air outside So nice being able to walk outdoors and breathe in that fall smell
  11. TV shows coming back September is the time for some of your fave shows to restart
  12. Christmas soon but not too soon Knowing it’s coming up, but also knowing you still have time before snow and shopping… it’s a great time
  13. Warm drinks mmm I can just taste the hot chocolate / tea on my lips already

What do you like about fall?

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