16 ‘Cool’ Things to Say These Days

So, I went to see Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life with my mom today, mainly because I really love Lauren Graham. Oh, and it was also pretty great to see Griffin Gluck all grown up since Private Practice. Anyways, my point is… there was a scene in this movie where these teens were simply amazed by a “VHS that you put into a box called a VCR”. Another kid replied with “Can’t we just use my iPhone?” Wow, that made me feel so incredibly old! VHS tapes were used all the time back when I was a kid, then DVDs came out later on, and now well, no one really buys movies at all anymore! Things like this always make me feel very uncool. I mean, since I’ve started saying things like ‘kids these days…’ or ‘I remember when…’, I think my youth just went out the window.

Not to mention the way these ‘kids’ are talking these days 🙂

  1. bae before anyone else
  2. mfeo made for each other
  3. adorbz adorable
  4. sick cool
  5. deets details
  6. yolo you only live once
  7. photobomb sneaking into the background of someone else’s picture
  8. shorty a very attractive female… gotta say, I like this one!
  9. twerk a dance move I think?
  10. can’t even can’t handle (still not 100% sure about this one)
  11. cray cray crazy
  12. af as fuck
  13. blowing up getting a ton of messages on your phone/social media site
  14. hella very
  15. tbh to be honest
  16. imo in my opinion

Now, I totally get some of these, I mean saying yolo saves time I guess? The word twerk Is definitely kinda cute, and who am I to argue with the word shorty being used as a positive thing? Very cool! But seriously, the ones like imo, tbh, and af? It really just seems slightly lazy in a way, doesn’t it? Yes, I know I sound super old!

But, does anyone agree with me, even just a little?

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