19 of My Fave Smells

Somebody once told me that smells can bring up the most feelings and / or memories of any of the five senses. Even though this was quite a few years ago, I still remember it really well. It’s so true, any time I smell something, it definitely makes me feel or remember something specific! Of course, there are some that bring great memories and some that, well… don’t. Yesterday, when I was at the General for an appointment and passed Timmy’s, the wonderful smell of coffee made me think of all this again.

Along with this one, here is a list of smells that give me lots of feels:

1) Coffee (of course) Simply just makes me happy… and crave coffee.

2) Vanilla Makes me think of my wife 🙂 It’s her fave smell, so she has many perfumes and soaps with it.

3) Timmy’s Reminds me of my high school lunch breaks, hanging there with friends, their delicious donuts, need I say more?

4) Peppermint As a child, my fave babysitter was always chewing peppermint gum, so this smell makes me feel safe and happy.

5) Fresh air Going for walks out in the fresh air, used to do this a lot as a kid too, so it makes me feel young and free.

6) Snow Yes, I know that snow sucks and everything, but that smell of shiny white snow in the winter does have a nice feel to it.

7) Toast Reminds me of morning breakfasts as a kid with my dad 🙂

8) Freshly cut grass I mean, who doesn’t love this one?

9) Baking Freshly baked goods of any kind… yum!

10) New car smell My dad got his new car many months ago, but I swear every time I get in, I still get that new car smell! Makes me think of all the road trips I went on with him and my mom as a kid.

11) Paint Not always the most pleasant smell to be honest, but it still gives this feeling of ‘new and fresh’ -ness.

12) Glue/Nail polish Kinda embarrassing, because I know these aren’t supposed to make me happy, being toxic and all, but it still reminds me of those innocent days as a kid!

13) Chapters Fun memories of going there to buy books as a kid!

14) Bacon Yum! Enough said.

15) Candles burning Makes me feel all warm and cozy.

16) Christmas tree A very homey and pleasant smell reminding me of family and friends.

17) Bonfire Great memories of summer fun.

18) Popcorn I feel like the smell is even better than the taste.

19) New textbook There’s something so nice about this one, almost like the smell of ‘new and hopeful’.

What are your fave smells?

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One thought on “19 of My Fave Smells

  1. Pip

    May 8, 2017 at 7:27pm

    This is a really good post. I Like a few of yours too. I work in a school, and when the hall has been polished it takes me back with lovely memories of my junior school.

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    • Author

      Zoey Schvan

      May 8, 2017 at 7:39pm

      Smells trigger so many feelings and memories. I’ve heard before that they are the most powerful sense. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, means a lot! ◇

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