8 Decision-Making Helpers

So, I know I’ve talked about some big decisions I’ve had to make in the past (i.e. giving our cats away last year), and how hard that was for me. With this post, I’m going to talk about what helps me make these big types of decisions. Ever since I was wee little kid, my parents tried very hard to let me make my own choices, whenever it wasn’t dangerous of course. Getting to pick out my own clothes every morning was really great, didn’t always look exactly fashionable, but definitely great! All these little choices I could make were meant to train for these bigger decisions later in life. Very thankful to them for that! Maybe these tough choices would be so much harder to make without that practice.

  • Make a chart My wife loves this one! Actually, making a pie chart of pros and cons and the weight of each of them really helped me decide about our cats
  • Imagine you’re helping your friend make this decision Sometimes if I take a step back from the whole situation, it makes it easier to see the big picture
  • Pros and cons list Lots of us have heard that this strategy didn’t work out so well for Ross and Rachel, but we can only hope it can work better for others
  • Check your gut My mom always uses this one when I ask her for advice: close your eyes and imagine yourself in the future to see which option feels more right for you
  • Ask someone for advice Find someone you trust and see what they would do if they were you
  • Stay calm Deep breaths, people, deep breaths
  • Play devil’s advocate Examine the other option and see if it actually makes more sense in the end
  • Make sure you’re making decisions for the right reasons AKA guilt… not a good reason

What helps you make decisions?

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