The puzzle that is the human race

People are crazy complicated!!

I don’t know about you, but ever since I finished university and am no longer a student, it has become uber hard to meet new people and make new friends. I guess because while you’re basically shoved together with groups of people every day in your classes, you don’t have much of a choice but to make friends with some of them. But, you’re done school, and BAM, it’s suddenly like each man for themselves out there, it’s scary! You finish school, start working, and then, well it gets complicated. Some co-workers you really hit it off with, great convos, funny jokes, good teamwork, etc. So you think, hey, let’s try this thing outside of the office! Sadly, doesn’t always work… maybe it’s because you don’t have so much in common when it’s not work related? I mean, of course there are times when it all works out great, but it’s I guess just not as often as with school (imo). Also in my humble opinion, once you’re a working person, it is hard to find the energy to do all that much else of the socializing persuasion… working is tiring! But, there goes other friend-making chances.

So, what next? Groups? Clubs? Evening classes? The internet? It really is what they call slim pickings out there. THEN, once you magically meet this amazing person you’d want to be friends with, how on earth does that happen? This is always where I get stumped… it’s pretty much as hard as a first date or job interview! Who knows what they will want to talk about and what they will find boring? How will they react to your jokes? What do they really think of you? It’s exhausting even just writing about it! When doing some searching, I found a really cool website with conversation starters and ideas. I picked a few that I liked the most… they may be basic, but open-ended is always a good option:

  • “How was your weekend?”
  • “Do you have any plans for the upcoming weekend?”
  • “Are you having a busy day?”
  • “What is your favorite movie that you saw this year?”
  • “What is your favorite type of music?”
  • “What TV shows are you currently watching?”
  • “How do you like to spend your free time?”

Just in case you happen to be curious, this is the site:

Do you ever have trouble meeting new people?

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