So, Gen and I finally tried out UberEats tonight. Once I had downloaded the app, we took our time looking through the entire list of restaurant options. Wow, I swear this service works with about a billion different places. So many options out there! I was super stoked to see that many of these restaurant options were actually diners, because well let’s be honest, I’m not exactly the salad and soup type. I got even more stoked when I remembered that Flapjacks was one of the diner options… gotta love breakfast for dinner!

Here’s what we ordered and what our thoughts were:

  • Waffles with Nutella, bananas and strawberry coulis: Yum! this entire meal was gobbled up like there’s no tomorrow
  • Club sandwich: Yum, a bit soggy, but definitely not big enough an issue to make us not want to order again or anything. Hard to keep everything dry when there’s gravy involved!
  • Poutine: Deeelicious! Cheese, gravy, fries… what could go wrong?

Some other thoughts about UberEats:

  • Super awesome idea, being able to track where my order was and when to expect it was really cool!
  • The huge list of restaurant and food options made this service very intriguing
  • I had gotten a promo code from an Uber driver a while ago, so this was a definite plus, but I do think that the prices were a tad higher than I would’ve expected… makes sense though, because we are paying for the service also, not just the food
  • The no-tipping policy might make things easier for the customer, but might also kinda suck for the drivers
  • Overall, we loved it. Super nice driver and great food! Was also really quick and came straight to our apartment door 🙂
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