11 Shopping Mall Mishaps

Gen and I had the chance to do some shopping at the mall today. Sounds great, right? I mean, who doesn’t love shopping? Especially in a mall! Yes of course, it definitely has its’ advantages… one-stop shopping sprees are great. But! Lots of people in the same limited amount of space, tons of noise, and also getting closer and closer to holiday shopping time (Wow, I must sound really old here hehe)… things can sometimes go sideways. A few slightly annoying / funny things may occur:

  • When you cannot, for the life of you, find the one main thing you really need
  • People taking a long time at the cash
  • Getting stuck behind a huge group of people standing still in the middle of an aisle
  • When you can’t see the price on something, and only at the cash do you find out it’s way too pricey
  • Accidentally waiting in the wrong line
  • Setting off the alarm when leaving a store
  • Getting lost
  • Shopping carts left in the middle of an aisle
  • Dropping things / Making a mess
  • Tripping / falling in front of people… embarrassing!
  • Pressing a button on a toy that makes an obnoxiously loud noise all of a sudden

What kinds of mall-mishaps have you had?

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