10 Halloween Party Planning Tips

Halloween is definitely creeping up on us, just a couple days away now! So, seeing as this is a fun time of year, I’m sure a lot of people are planning parties. Some of these people being me and Gen, of course. Some do scary, some do funny, some do more child-oriented parties… there are all sorts. Just going through Walmart or Dollarama, you can see the huge variety of decorations and cool stuff that’s out there. I mean, we had even forgotten how much stuff we had, because my gosh, it seems like a gazillion boxes and bags full! Quite overwhelming, to say the least! So, what do I do when things seem overwhelming? I put things into categories, one bit at a time, per day if you will. So, anyways, here are some Halloween party planning tips (at least the ones I could think of!) to make it seem just a little less intimidating:

  • Pick your Halloween costume! (one of the most fun parts, in my opinion)
  • Choose a date when people are free (preferably close to Halloween, but not the day of)
  • Decide if you want a dinner party, or after-dinner party… from this, pick a time
  • Pick a theme if you want (I often choose not to, so my guests can be creative with their costumes, but having a theme can be a lot of fun too
  • Lists! (the part my wife loves)
    Make lists of everything: foods, guests, potluck plans, decorations, what to shop for, music, games, costume competition perhaps?
  • Invite people (Facebook event, anyone?)
  • Shop
  • Cook
  • Decorate (alone or with friends)
  • Have fun and take pics! 🙂
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