A-Z of My Life

Ever done an A-Z of your life?

Animals – I’m a huge animal lover
Blogging – My new ‘thing’
Crested Gecko – Our new pet!
Donuts – Fave dessert
Esther – My mom’s name
F.D. – Familial Dysautonomia, my condition
Gen – My wife’s name
Halloween – My fave holiday
Iced coffee – One of my addictions
JFS – Where I used to work
Kira – My oldest friend
Lise – My mother-in-law
Mark – One of my best friends

Nutella – Yummy!
O.C. – Fave TV show
Peter – My dad’s name
Queer – My being a lesbian makes me quite queer 🙂
Rats – Had them for almost a year
Serge – My father-in-law
Tim Horton’s – Delicious donuts and coffee!
Unique – I am most definitely one-of-a-kind 😛
Veronique – My sister-in-law
Writing – A fave hobby of mine
X-small – Sadly, this is often my size in clothing
Yellow – One of my fave colours
Zoey – My name

Introduce your friends to ZoeyValuated :)

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