My 10 F.D. Super-Powers

Now that I’ve bit the bullet and spread the word about my FD-ness, I am free as a bird to ramble about it to all of you. This is definitely something that I have been longing for for quite some time now. For my first attempt at this, I will be listing some of the awesomeness the condition offers me. You will find all the symptoms and possible side effects of FD all over the net, but my having so much personal experience with the topic, will offer up a whole other side to you. I will provide you all with the lesser-known POSITIVE side of the condition, the way I like to see it. Here comes the list of my Super-Powers, if you will. Yeah that’s right, I’m a Super Hero!

Super awesome metabolism – I can eat A LOT

Less feeling of pain – Okay, I will admit this isn’t always a huge positive, but it definitely has its perks

No tears – Can hide my crying from others

Decreased sense in taste buds – I can handle quite a bit of spice

G-Tube – A secret way to get in those awful-tasting meds

No vomiting – Surgery when I was young… never have to deal with vomiting (sorry, TMI)

No acid re-flux – This same surgery helps me avoid this feeling as well

Empathy – Not directly related, but I do think that having gone through all of this gives me the ability to really understand and feel for others when they go through difficult times

Resilience – Similar to the last, but this one means I can handle a lot in my own personal life also

Resources – My specialist team in NY, so great to have them under my belt

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