7 Tips for Tackling Bad Customer Service

I  know I’ve talked about it before, and I know it happens to everyone all the time. Bad customer service is way too common. Whether you’re at a medical clinic, a fast food restaurant, or a retail store,  it is all too easy come across that person that just doesn’t give you the service you deserve. From personal experience, I know that there is no worse feeling than being disrespected. If you’re anything like me, dealing with these people can make you feel super tiny and invisible. Nobody deserves this! But, speaking up in these cases is one of the the hardest things in the world. Many people (including me) decide they would rather just smile and tolerate the bad service they’re getting. Avoiding conflict is easier, right? Well, I have gone through this one too many times, even in just the past few days. So, what did I do? I took to the web! Our good friend Google always has the best advice. Naturally, I had to share the advice that I found! Hopefully this will be helpful, or in the very least, validate those frustrating feelings bad customer service brings up in you.



So, here is my humble list of pointers, ‘Zoey-valuated-Style’  🙂

Know that you’re in the right – After all, customers are always right 🙂

Be precise – Explain to them exactly why you’re dissatisfied and what you would like

Be polite – One of the hardest ones! I know you’re angry and fed up, but try your hardest to get your point across in a courteous manner. The ”sandwich approach” often helps… 2 positives “sandwiching” the complaint. But, this isn’t always suitable for the situation, so only use when it seems fitting, I guess.

Know where to go – Maybe just talking to the one person won’t cut it. Have no fear, there’s always someone else to turn to. Manager? Supervisor? Someone even above them?

Time is money – The sooner you start fighting your battle the better! The incident should be fresh in your head.

Proportion – This one is my own personal little tidbit of advice… I feel like the strength, if you will, of your confrontation, should be proportionate with the severity of your experience. Server forgot the ice in your drink? Maybe a brief reminder would work, no need to yell at a supervisor.

CONFIDENCE – This one is the hardest for me. Try to at least pretend to feel confident… maybe it will rub off and show on your face.

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