9 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

So, if you’re anything like me, you are starting to feel a bit bummed that the holiday season is over. All that Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year fun has passed, it’s still cold outside… not all that uplifting, is it? I mean, we’re getting fed up with all the snow and it’s only the beginning of winter still, yuck! Also, as my mom likes to say, towards the end of January, lots of people out there are getting their credit card bills and realizing how much they actually spent over the holidays, and let’s just say… not fun! Anyways, just because it may be cold out and holidays are over for now, this most surely does not mean that all hope is lost.

Here it is, folks, the Zoey-valuated List of Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

  • Daylight! Luckily it’s already starting to get a tad bit lighter outside, which definitely helps the mood. Going outside and enjoying the sun can cheer ya right up!
  • Winter sports I mean I myself am not exactly the sporty type, but I know lots of you may enjoy some of them, so go out there, get your ski on! Skating and snowmen are some other options too!
  • Snow Now yes, of course the snow is freezing cold and not all that awesome in some ways, but when you look at it from afar, that glittery whiteness can actually be fairly pleasant to look at.
  • Warm drinks/foods This is definitely a favorite of mine! All those wintery hot drinks are still out there even after the holidays… Starbucks specials (hence the picture above), hot chocolate, peppermint coffee… these are all the rage and very tasty as well! Wait, still not over! Foods… soups, warm home-cooked meals… yummy!
  • Shopping One of the good things about being post-holiday season is that a lot of those Christmas / Hanukkah / New Year’s goodies out there are on sale. Get geared up for next year already with decorations, games, ugly sweaters, etc.!
  • Friends / family One surefire way to have some fun is to spend time with those you love. Don’t like being outside in the cold? Enjoy some quiet at-home time with them. Games, food… you can have yourself a mini partay!
  • Vacation Some people take the chance to get away and see some nice weather briefly. Cuba, Florida, even somewhere closer to you… Go for it, the world is your oyster!
  • Money stuff So this one may not be as exciting, but when it comes to those potential post-holiday money troubles, a budget can definitely help take some of that stress away!
  • Plans This one always works wonders for me! I like having things to look forward to. Make a fun plan ahead of time… a movie night, and family event, a bowling night, what-have-you… the possibilities are endless!

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