Uber: Rant or Rave?

So many people love Uber, I mean who wouldn’t?! It’s a really great service that saves everyone time and money. As you all know from my many Uber rambles, I use the service a heck of a lot. I’ve both raved and ranted about them, over the past year or so.

Example: I had one driver last year that seemed to enjoy driving a tad bit too fast… Of course, I hesitated about whether or not to complain, because well, that’s me… way too nice. But I did, because I figured when it comes to safety, I should speak up to stop it from happening again with another rider. I’ve definitely stuck to this rule since then.

I’ve got plenty of rules like this that I try to follow, because well not to toot my own horn or anything, but the term “Seasoned Uber rider” has been thrown around before when describing me.. granted, it was a family member who used it, so not sure if that really counts… Anyways! My point is…

To rant or not to rant? That is the question!

Reasons to rant:

  • If you’re feeling even just a little unsafe
  • Rude driver
  • Wrong turn (depends in this case though…)
  • Driver demands a certain rating from you
  • Fare is much more than predicted

The good news? If you do ever feel like you need to complain, Uber does seem to take these things seriously and they do respond well 🙂

Reasons not to rant:

  • Safe driving
  • Good conversation / friendly small talk
  • Friendly driver
  • No surprises with the fare
  • Good navigation

What else can I add to these lists?

Any crazy Uber stories you want to share?

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