Interview With A Mature Student: 7 Questions and Answers!

Hello and good evening to all of you lovely people!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Did ya enjoy my little teaser pic last night?!

To be honest, I had been having some trouble coming up with a topic. I usually get an idea from something going on in my life, and then use that to write a post that can help out my readers in some way. So, what did I do? I turned to my loyal blog advisor,  Dawn. She started the whole thought process by suggesting I do a post about adult education! Let me explain where this came from… my lovely and brilliant wife decided to go back to university recently and is now a FULL-TIME STUDENT! I could not be more proud of her, what a brave thing to do! Thanks for your help, Dawn!

The next question was, how could I make this helpful to my readers? One thought lead to another, and then it came to me! I’ve never actually done this type of post before… an interview with someone!

So, here I have for you, a super duper special post… an interview with my wife, Gen! 

Enjoy! 🙂

Interview With A Mature Student: 7 Questions and Answers!

What school and program are you doing?

I’m doing the Conflict Studies program at St. Paul University.

What made you decide to go back?

I’ve always been interested in people and their behaviours, ever since I was a kid. Actually, when I was eleven, I was convinced that I would become the “master of words” as I called it. I thought that when I was older, I would always be able to come up with the perfect words to solve any solution, aka world peace and such. Again, I was eleven. So, I tried studying all sorts of things, like sociology and anthropology, but none of it really stuck. Then. a few years ago, Zoey was in the hospital, and we had been having some issues with the nurses and doctors refusing to speak with our specialists in New York. In the end,  we actually wound up with a mediator/liaison helping us out. I realized that was what I wanted to do with my life. 

What were your biggest concerns before going back to school and how did you deal with them?

First of all, I was worried about my concentration and memory, and feeling like I was out of practice. I also was concerned that I wouldn’t feel like I belonged when I got there, and that I would wind up failing or giving up. 

Lastly, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to be there for Zoey if she ever needed me. 

When dealing with all of this, my therapist was a huge help. She reassured me that I didn’t need to fix all this before school started, but rather that all of it would fall into place once I was there. She basically made me realize that I could let myself feel whatever I was feeling. I also knew that I have a great support system around me.

With regards to Zoey, I trusted that she would be alright, and if need be, we could make things work (as we always do).

What is your favourite part of school?

Interesting answer to this one, guys! Do you guys remember way back when I wrote about falling in love with blogging? Well, Gen’s answer to this question was quite similar!

She says than when she started her program, she felt like she was “falling in love”, as if this is what she was meant to be doing. Very cool, right?!

What is your least favourite part?

The huge amounts of reading they give us! I seriously thought that I had lost my ability to get through all of it! Zoey was a big help with this one. While she said she didn’t want to be a “bad influence”, she also explained that not all students actually did all the readings all the time (herself not included of course *cough*cough*).

Phew, I then realized I wasn’t alone! I’ve actually already come up with some strategies to get through all of it faster. 

What is the biggest change you’ve noticed since you were in school last time?

Everything is online now! At first, I found it a bit challenging, having to read everything on a computer screen, but I’ve now gotten the hang of it. I can even highlight my readings on the computer! This technology stuff makes my life so much easier. 

What advice would you give to another returning student?

Take it all one step at a time, and let yourself make mistakes, because that’s how you learn. Also, some advice I got from my cousin really stuck with me. She said, “don’t worry about everyone else, because they’re all feeling the exact same way you are… lost and scared”. What a clever teenager she is! 

There ya have it, folks, straight from the student herself! A HUGE THANK YOU to Gen, for being such a good sport, amazing resource, and well for just being who she is! 

Are you or anyone you know experiencing the life of a mature student? Would love to hear all your stories in the comments below! 

Until next time… (which I promise won’t be as long!),

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One thought on “Interview With A Mature Student: 7 Questions and Answers!

  1. Dawn

    September 19, 2017 at 12:44pm

    Good work, Gen! Congratulations for going back to school! I know a “mature” student who just graduated last year at age….41…42 (?) I think. It’s a big commitment!

    Thanks for the shout out, Zoey!

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    • Author

      Zoey Schvan

      September 19, 2017 at 1:24pm

      Wow, that’s very cool! I have so much respect for these people, because I feel like there’s no way I would be up for it lol! Thanks for commenting, my blogging amigo! 💗

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  2. Lise Lacroix

    September 20, 2017 at 1:08pm

    Great interview Zoey!! Very proud of my daughter!! Takes lots of determination. I know you’ve got this because you’re amazing!! Love you Gen xo

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