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Hey there, folks! Hope all of you Canadian friends of mine are having a fantastic Thanksgiving! I’ve got a short, but sweet post for you today!

I am so extremely stoked to share some news with all of you! I was messaged by someone who works with AMAFeed, and was asked to do my very first ever Ask Me Anything (AMA)

So, what exactly did that mean? Well, I’ll be honest… I seriously had no idea! I took to the internet and some blogging friends of mine, and found out what a cool opportunity this could be! But, am I actually interesting enough to be included in this group of awesome people? What would I even talk about? Would people take me seriously? So,  you can see, I was hesitant,  because well, that’s me, constantly overanalyzing everything. But,  in the end,  I decided I’d go for it,  I mean it does really sounds exciting,  doesn’t it? Being able to just casually say,  “Yes,  I will be hosting an AMA shortly on the topic of… “? HOW AWESOME DOES THAT SOUND?  😁 

So, on Tuesday, October 17th at 4pm, I will be answering any and all questions about both my blog and my life with familial dysautomonia! Would love for all of you lovely, loyal readers to tune in and see it all happen! Click here to register: 




You can also start asking questions right away! Shoot! Anything, anything at all! 

I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone lover at for this opportunity and for guiding me through the process! You’ve all be so great!

One last thing! We have a super special guest post coming up in the next little while! Please stay tuned! 

Thanks for reading,  everyone! 💗



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