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How goes St. Patrick’s Day for ya’ll? I remember back when me and my friends would party and drink green beer… oh, the good old days! Now? I’m just a boring old lady, who’s sitting at home watching TV and blogging 😉 So, for those of you who are like me and enjoying some quiet time at home, you may feel like sitting back and being entertained by some talented actors on your TV screen. This awesome review may give you a fun movie idea! 

Let’s give it up for recurring movie reviewer, Adrian Urbina. Back by popular demand, he is here reviewing 5-time Oscar nominee, Lady Bird


Small movies don’t usually make it to the Oscars ® Stage. However, this small indie movie garnered attention after becoming the best-reviewed movie on Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie centers around Lady Bird, aka, Christine, a high school senior who wishes to go to college in the East Coast to study art, but doesn’t have the money for it. The core of it is her relationship with her mother, Marion, who insists Lady Bird isn’t doing absolutely anything for her own life.

The greatness of the film is based on the quality and sincerity of the storytelling behind it. Filmmakers are storytellers in the end. Greta Gerwig managed to write an honest portrayal of the human condition and how our dreams, aspirations and realities shape who we are.

Throughout the film we see the struggles of a young lady who yearns independence and wishes nothing more, but to prove her mother wrong when she says she’ll never get a good enough job. In the eyes of an outsider, Marion would’ve been a terrible human being, but the story shows us the more compassionate and loving and motherly side of her character and humanizes her for us.

The film gives a huge sense of realization.

Powered by wonderful performances from the cast, Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf more specifically, who were both nominated for the Oscars, Lady Bird is a tale of what we all are as human beings. It brings new insight on the nature of dreams and what propels us to dream. It shines a light on complicated mother-daughter relationships, but, more importantly, emphasizes on love and how those who love us are always there for our failures and victories.

From the writing, to the directing, Lady Bird is a true masterpiece set to become a modern-day classic. Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut is nothing short of excellent, and it throws you into a wonderfully entertaining narrative about growing up, maturing, learning, failing, dreaming, fighting, crying, laughing, loving and becoming more human. Becoming more generous and loving those who love us for as long as we can.

The film teaches us to value the connections we have and to fight to maintain those wonderful and, at times, chaotic relationships with our mothers, fathers, brothers, friends and all of those people whom we trust.

Lady Bird is a life lesson.

We all know what a big fan I am of a good life lesson, so this movie was most definitely a go-to for my first movie review. What an awesome writer, isn’t he? Don’t worry guys, we’re not done with him, he shall be back… there’s more where this came from! 


Thanks again, Adrian! 

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