What Makes a Superhero?

So, before I get started, I must say, there’s a tiny spoiler alert here for the show Jessica Jones, so continue reading at your own risk… muahaha

Who here is into the show Jessica Jones? If you are, then you’re probably just as excited as me about the second season being on Netflix. For those of you who have watched it, I must say this… wow,  just wow. What a season, really it was a piece of art. Cheesy yes, but so true!

For my non superhero comic type friends (which is usually me, to be honest), here is a short summary of the show…

  • Jessica Jones is a private investigator, who also happens to have super powers (i.e. super strength, fast healing, flying). She uses these abilities to help fight evil, and save the world, of course.
  • Ms. Jones has a group of friends, some who also have powers and some who don’t.
  • For the sake of this post, I’m really just going to talk a bit about her best friend, Trish Walker. Trish and Jessica grew up together, basically as sisters, and are still best friends. Okay, so long story short, Trish wishes she was also a superhero and feels like the underdog. She will stop at nothing to achieve the “Superhero” status. 

Poor Trish… I know this feeling of wanting to save the world with super special powers that people love and admire me for. But seriously guys, who doesn’t? More to the point, I think we all wish we were superheroes, but what we have to realize is that we all are, in our own little ways.

Keep reading to see what I think superheroes are made of…

7 Zoeyvaluated Characteristics of a Superhero 🙂

Honesty – Important to tell it like it is as a superhero… the truth might hurt, but it will set you free. 

Empathy – I seriously think this one matters so much. Regardless of what kind of superhero you want to be, you really have to care about other people. Humble opinion, this is what drives a lot of those famous superheroes out there. 

Lawful – Following the laws, acting ethically… all building blocks of heroes that are super. 

Loyalty – No matter what was going down, Jessica never turned her back on her bestie,Trish. This is loyalty.

Confidence – You rock, and can totally be a superhero, you just gotta believe it 🙂

Active – I don’t mean active as in running or going to the gym everyday, don’t worry. I just mean active. or proactive if you will. Doing what needs to be done 🙂 Could I BE more vague?!

Teachable – Just because a superhero has all these fantabulous traits, it doesn’t mean that they never have anything to learn. Jessica could have benefited from this lesson a few times, I do believe 😛

Do any of these traits sound familiar? Has someone used one of them to describe you before, or would you use one to describe yourself? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then chances are you are a superhero. Congratulations! 💝

There are so many more awesome characteristics out there, but this was only my humble little list. The point? There is a superhero in all of us, remember that. Seriously guys, if you only remember one thing from all of my blog posts, let it be this.



– a new character whose identity I shall keep secret 

Thanks for reading! 

Until next time,

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  1. Pip

    March 26, 2018 at 6:24pm

    I’m seriously going to try and watch this. I love superhero stuff.

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    • Author

      Zoey Schvan

      March 26, 2018 at 10:23pm

      Yay, let me know what you think!
      Thank you so much for commenting, always happy to hear from you! <3

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