New York Uber

So much to do in that amazingly exciting city! I had so many super fun experiences on my trip, so there was lots to choose from! What tied them all together? UBER! I was so excited to take an Uber in New York! Here’s what I thought… OR, here is my ‘Zoey-valuation’, if you will! 🙂

Many pros to taking an Uber in New York City:

  • So many more options! UberT, UberX (this one’s here too), UberPOOL, UberBLACK, UberSUV, and UberRUSH – I was so very excited when I saw that there were these SIX different options! From the make of the car, the size of the car, and even the number of passengers, the options for you to choose from are endless! You can even ask Uber to hail a taxi for you! (for an extra $2 of course hehe)
  • Cars are labelled – makes life so much easier when you’re standing there, trying oh so hard to find the car you need to get into, then BAM, there’s the ‘UBER’ sign, look no further!
  • Saves you the huge hassle of hailing a cab – there is nothing worse than standing out there in the busy busy street, trying so so hard to flag down an empty cab​​

The not-as-great things about NY-Uber:

  • Surge-Pricing SO OFTEN – because of the huge amount of traffic in the city, there’s always such a high demand for Uber rides…. result: surge-pricing! A LOT of surge-pricing! … leading to my next con …
  • Sometimes pricier than a cab
  • American currency – took me a few days to finally notice this … one of those duh! moments. I was all happy that my ride was only $8.00, then realized… oops, it will be a tad more than that! I haven’t the foggiest idea how to calculate this!  
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