My Top 5 Songs!

My lovely wife Gen gave me a really cool blog idea, involving lists of favorites, so I figured I’d give it a try.. top favorite songs!

1 – Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams 

I like this song so much for more than one reason. Firstly, I love the song itself, but the other reason is much better and more complex. Anytime I hear this song playing, I right away think of Degrassi. There is a scene in the show where Adam, Drew and Dave are in their car when this song comes on the radio. Adam and his brother Drew immediately start singing and acting out the lyrics. For some reason, this scene always really touches me. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show Degrassi, Adam is the first trans-gendered character in the very long series. Adam was born as Gracie, and in my opinion, the show does an amazing job at showing the struggles he goes through and how it affects everyone around him as well. As a viewer, it made me feel very close to him, almost as though we were friends. This scene shows how despite his troubles, he is able to let go and have some carefree fun with is brother. I am always amazed at how a song can provoke memories and feelings this way. Each of the songs in this entry hold a special meaning to me.

2- Amazed – Lonestar
This song was playing at my dad’s wedding about 15 years ago, which was when I got hooked. I saw the way my dad looked into his new wife’s eyes while they were dancing to the song, and I was so touched by how happy he looked. I liked it so much that I picked it to be one of the songs at my wedding 2 years ago.

3 – Little Boxes – Malvina Reynolds
This being the theme song to Weeds is only one of the reasons why I enjoy listening to it so much. Gen and I started watching it a few months ago, and I have had it in my head on and off since then. The lyrics explain how all the people and houses in this suburban town are so similar and lack originality. The use of this song is ironic, because the main character is the exact opposite, selling drugs and doing other illegal things. It’s funnier than it sounds I promise, and wow, this song is catchy! If you ever listen to it, do so at your own risk 🙂

4 – Nicest Thing – Kate Nash
When Gen and I had been dating for a few weeks, we came to the conclusion that we wanted to pick our own song. This was the first song she suggested. The song is about the beginning of a relationship and how they are so hopeful it will work out… seems to have worked for us hehe

5 – Lean on Me – Michael Bolton
I won’t bore all of you with the reasons for this choice, but long story short, this song means so much to me because it’s about friendship and being there for each other… this is something I try to live by.

I do have many more favorite songs, however these were the top 5 that came to me this evening.. hope you enjoy them!

What are your favorite songs and why?

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