“Procrastinate now, don’t put it off”

…beautiful words by Ellen Degeneres

Ever since I was a small child in elementary school, I have been a genius when it comes to putting things off. (NOT something I am proud of, I must say to be clear.) The moment I had a task to do, I thought of ways to delay actually having to do it. As I got older, I thought of more and more creative reasons for not doing things. Like, I once clearly declared to my teacher that “I could not do my homework because I had special needs”. I distinctly remember my mom laughing and saying “nice try, kid.” Needless to say, this did not work out!

I would like to show you a stand up show by Ellen DeGeneres that is all about procrastination. My amazing wife introduced me to this video a few years ago. I think we both know it off by heart by now. I have shown this video to so many people that it has almost become a requirement if you are part of my life. Ellen talks about our society and how procrastination falls into it.

Watch video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_W9JZkHdCdA

This woman is always my go-to… whenever I need cheering up for example, I right away turn to YouTube-ing Ellen. I am a strong believer in these videos solving any problem life could throw at me. Her Hidden Camera Prank videos are also something I swear by 🙂

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  1. When In Doubt... · Zoey valuated

    October 2, 2017 at 2:21am

    […] all, in my book. Back in July of 2016, I wrote a post about Ellen’s stand-up show called Here and Now. Back then, she was my go-to, and she still is to this day. Gen and I actually happened to come […]

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