31 of My Favorite Things

The Sound of Music has definitely always been one of my fave movies, ever since I was a little kid. Super cute story, characters, and everything, but I really have to admit, Julie Andrews: a HUGE part of why this movie rocks. What a cool woman! In honour of how awesome she is, I wanna make a list of my favourite things AKA things that make me happy. Be warned: this list will have some … unique… stuff, it’s what makes me, well me:

  1. My people… friends, family, etc.
  2. Just chilling with my wife
  3. Meeting people for coffee
  4. Going to the movies/restaurants, etc. socializing with friends
  5. Cleaning binges
  6. People doing funny accents
  7. Sweet, sugary stuff
  8. Family get-togethers
  9. Pets
  10. Long showers
  11. Breaking out into song (only when I’m alone, of course)
  12. Having a calm, relaxed breakfast with coffee and yummy breakfast foods
  13. Eating in front of the TV
  14. Binge watching shows I like
  15. Whipped cream
  16. Sarcasm
  17. Playing board games in groups
  18. Planning parties
  19. Weddings
  20. Ellen DeGeneres
  21. Walking outside in the summer
  22. Tim Horton’s iced coffee / iced caps
  23. Seeing movies with my mom
  24. Starbucks coffee
  25. Blogging (of course)
  26. Nutella
  27. Chandler Bing
  28. Inside jokes with my dad
  29. Browsing around in malls
  30. Celebrities
  31. Running into people I know

I really should try wrapping this up! I  mean, who knew I had so many favourite things? I guess I could have grouped some of them together to make the list a bit shorter, but I really wanted all of them to stand out. Also, I am fairly certain that the moment I post this, I will think of another gazillion things I forgot to add!

What are some of your favourite things?

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