7 Signs of  A Catfish


Been watching a lot of Catfish lately, it’s absolutely addictive! No matter how many episodes we watch, I never stop being amazed at how far a person would be willing to go just to mess with someone. Sad to see what’s out there. I think the weirdest episode we’ve seen so far was one where the poor guy was made to believe he’d been talking to Katy Perry for six years! Crazy, right?  Also gotta say, it all makes me feel super lucky to have found Gen online, no catfishing there! Anyways, I know this is a huge thing and can happen to anyone, so I wanted to look around and see what info is out there on this issue.

Please, for your own sake, be super careful if you see any of this:

  1. Too good to be true If it seems like the person you’ve been talking to is pretty much exactly what you are looking for in a partner, there may be something cat-fishy going on
  2. No Facebook, cell phone, etc. Ok, so my sister-in-law and her boyfriend both don’t have Facebook, so I do know that it happens sometimes, but if they don’t have any social media and/or Skype, webcam, cell phone, etc., it’s a bad sign
  3. Say they are famous that dude who thought he was chatting with Katy Perry… RED FLAG!
  4. Ask for money Clear sign this person sadly might have not-the-best intentions… run, run far away!
  5. Live close to you but haven’t met If it would logically be easy for you to meet but you still have not, somethin’ might be up
  6. They find you and flirt right away I mean, sure this person could just be really flirty, but if it looks like they went out of their way to find you specifically, you may want to ask some more questions
  7. Bad gut feeling If something just doesn’t seem right, please listen to your instincts
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