9 Fun Power Outage Activities

Three times today, three times! I mean, yes there was tons of wind outside and everything, but seriously? Quite frustrating, I must admit. It scared me, guess I forgot how much we all rely on electricity. What on earth did people do back in the day when it didn’t even exist yet?! I know lots of people who don’t have landlines anymore, so once our cell phones die, we are all slightly, well… screwed. Not to mention, there doesn’t seem to be much to do without our electronics, we are most definitely addicted. Let alone addicted, we are dependant on them! This is like a wakeup call, in a way. Time to get more hobbies! We did, however, find a few fun things to spend our time doing. Okay, I’ll say it… techniqually, Gen had the game ideas and I may have been a little hesitant at first, but it all actually wound up being a pretty fun day! As old-school as some of these may sound, I highly recommend you give ‘em a chance:

  • Charades – Wasn’t totally sold on this one, but once Gen started acting out silly things in front of me… I caved
  • Card games / board games – Lots of options here!
  • Shadow puppets – Again, was surprisingly entertaining!
  • Read (if you have flashlight/candle) – Only during the day probably, but definitely a good excuse to get back to that book you’ve always meant to read.
  • Get to know the people you are with (ice breaker games, ‘have you ever’, etc.) – Of course this one only works in certain situations, but can definitely be a lot of fun!
  • Tell stories / ghost stories – Okay, I’ll admit, may be slightly more child-oriented, but adults can have fun with it too!
  • Go outside, nature can actually be awesome! – Reminds me of those days we spent at the cottage this summer… outdoors can equal good times!
  • Take a nap – Not exactly productive, but can be refreshing 🙂
  • Arts & Crafts – Mostly during the day, but the possibilities here are endless!
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