Fuller House 2nd Season!


Are you all as excited as I am?

Say what?!

  • Stephanie kisses Kimmy’s brother?
  • DJ choses between the 2 guys?
  • Ramona has a first kiss? With Jackson’s friend?
  • New Kids on the Block makes an appearance?
  • Halloween?
  • Christmas?
  • And, most importantly, Danny’s 60 years old?!
  • P.S. I have also read rumors about Joey’s family being introduced!
  • But! Still no Michelle (Hope Mary-Kate and Ashley are happy doing whatever they’re doing these days! I absolutely loved their work when I was a kid)

My gosh, this season looks crazy exciting. I think one of the things I’m happiest about is that the ‘older’ crew will be there too… Danny, Jesse, Becky, Joey. They’re at it again. I even heard a “Have Mercy” somewhere in there. I am so amazed that these little jokes and phrases that they repeat all the time are still so successful, 30 years later. I guess once you have something that works, you stick to it. Either that or everyone is simply just in love with the feeling of nostalgia.. I know I am. Just seeing their faces or hearing that theme song gives me goosebumps… in a good way. Full House helped make my childhood great 🙂

Cannot wait! December 9th, I will be all over Netflix.

What did you think of the trailer?

Do you think it will be as successful as the first season?

Do you miss having Michelle on the show?

Introduce your friends to ZoeyValuated :)

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