10 Advice-Giving Tips

We’ve all been there, we’ve all been asked for advice from a friend and just have no idea whatsoever what to do. Either you have absolutely no idea what to say, or know exactly what to say but know that you probably shouldn’t. Either way, these situations can be super hard to deal with. Everyone’s different and there is definitely no surefire way to move forward. But, I thought I would talk a bit about what I personally think may help.

  • Asking Make sure your friend does really want advice
  • Listening A lot of the time, people need a listening ear, they need to be heard
  • No judging Super important that your friend doesn’t feel like you are judging them , always go in with an open mind
  • Honesty Now, I personally think that your degree of honesty really depends on the advice-asker, because sadly the truth is that some can handle it more than others. So, based on this, definitely be as honest as you can… honest with kindness, though 🙂
  • Positivity No matter how much their situation might suck, always try your best to keep the talk on the positive side (as much as possible, of course). Cheering up a sad friend is always a plus!
  • Modesty Even though this part can be hard, because we all know how smart you are hehe, but try your best to not be too condescending with your advice. Comments like, “let’s figure it out together” or “here’s my humble opinion…” are your best friends.
  • *Major Important* Support Make sure your friend knows they have your support, no matter what they end up doing.
  • Validation Always validate your friends’ feelings, even if you don’t agree or understand
  • Know your audience Not always possible, but try to figure out what they need (i.e. advice or listening) based on who they are. The more you know the person, the better.
  • Boundaries Know when the advice needed is out of your league. Gently telling your friend that they may want to look elsewhere can be the best call. Example: your friend is feeling depressed and this could maybe lead to a dangerous situation… you are not a professional, not your call.
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