13 Awesome Things about Chrismukkah Time

Yes, I know it’s early, but I really have to talk about the holidays! Is anyone else excited? You must be wondering, isn’t she Jewish? What does she care about Christmas? Wouldn’t she only care about Chanukah? Well! These are definitely valid questions… yes, I am indeed Jewish and yes, I do very much care about both holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I love being Jewish, but who says I have to choose between the two? Chrismukkah, anyone?! To make this all that much more awesome, this year both holidays fall at the same time! My aunt and her boyfriend are coming to town before Christmas, then I’m spending time with my in-laws… the best of both worlds. Nothing makes me happier. As a kid, I did sometimes envy my friends who raved about all their Christmas gifts and family holiday parties. My yearly tradition of helping my friend Kira’s family decorate their tree was so special to me. Now that I’m married to Gen, I have the chance to celebrate every year. This is definitely one of the perks of our marriage for me hehe. So, again, I can’t stress this part enough: now, I get both!  Honestly, I think that it is more than just the specific holidays that get me so excited, I think it’s the whole idea of spending time with the people I love and the whole atmosphere. I’m sure this is true for everybody… people are generally in a warm, cuddly mood around this time of year… the decorations, the music, the festivity, it’s all very pleasant. All the memories of Christmas holidays as a kid definitely help also… time off school was always a plus! A more recent heartwarming memory I have is of decorating my in-laws’ house last year, very fun! Anyways, the reason I chose this to ramble about today is that while out with Mark at Walmart, we saw all the Christmas stuff already, always starts so early. Definitely starts getting me in the mood!

Here are some other things that I love about Chrismukkah time:

  • Chrismukkah itself, which is actually a term that was created on my fave TV show The O.C.
  • Memories of spending quality time with my mom as a kid every Christmas holiday… a Jewish kid has a lot of free time to have fun at this time of year
  • Time with family
  • Giving people gifts
  • Feeling safe and peaceful
  • The colours blue, white, green and red
  • Christmas songs from childhood… and adulthood
  • Decorating
  • Starbucks holiday stuff
  • The smell of the tree
  • Pretty view out the window
  • Hot chocolate
  • Feeling cozy at home, watching holiday movies

I’m sure I will think of more as the season goes on… you can stay tuned 🙂

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