7 of My Thoughts on Holiday Shopping


Showing off my sister-in-law’s adorable dog Ember, sporting her festive Christmas attire!

I am very happy to say that I am now officially done all my holiday shopping for the season! It’s always such a huge relief when all those gifts are checked off the list and
we’re good to go. So, today as I was out shopping and checking off the last few things on the list, I had a lot of fun observing everything around me at Billings Bridge mall. Of course, I took some mental notes for this blog, have been excited to share some of my thoughts
with all of you:

People in the stores during this holiday season = crazy. Everyone seems to think that they need to be the first one in the aisle to get to that special item they want to buy. Also! Hallways in shopping malls are not meant for standing still and staring into space… move along, please

– Is it just me, or do prices go up at this time of year? I swear, every single item seems to be pricier than it was a few weeks back

– So, I know that there may be more people out there who celebrate Christmas, but it does suck that there isn’t always an area for Hanukkah stuff

– Whoever comes up with all these holiday items and displays are really quite smart. I don’t know if it’s the music, the decorations, or what they are selling, but immediately at
the beginning of November, I always develop the urge to buy out the entire store

Poor staff! If we get annoyed after being there for only a few hours, I can’t imagine how much harder it must be for them. The crowds, the noise, the impatient people…. yikes!

– Over the years, I have seen the stores come out with oh so many new kinds of gadgets and fun holiday stuff, it always amazes me. Example of a gadget that I LOVE this year: a snowman that plays music, and wait for it… twerks! What will they think of next?!

– Honestly, as stressful as it can be at times, I really do love the entire holiday atmosphere at the stores. Lots of warmth and love fills the air

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