Happy New Year!!

I would like to wish all of you a very happy new year! I hope you all have a year filled with everything that makes you happy. I am also going to be boring and unoriginal, and list my new year’s resolutions, because no one ever does that, right? So, here goes…

  1.  Definitely would like to find a new job. I have one promising lead right now, would love for this one to pan out 🙂
  2.  Continue to be crisis-free. 2016 was a great start!
  3.  Make more friends, can never have too many
  4.  Solve the inconvenient super minor medical hassles I’ve been having… will spare ya the details 😉
  5.  Learn to cook… been living in my own place for a few years now, so I think it might be time to learn a recipe or two of my own
  6. Would love to keep developing my blogging style / skills!
  7. – Look into taking a writing course… or maybe a HTML course?
  8.  Reconnecting with old friends is always fun 🙂
  9.  Finally figuring out how to handle my gecko would be a good thing
  10.  Confidence… not being shy to speak my mind and/or stand up for myself if needed (a continuous goal throughout my life)

Cliché as some of them may be, these are my new year’s resolutions.

What are some of yours?

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