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Childhood, adolescence, even adulthood… so much time spent wondering, what was my ‘thing’? What was I meant to be doing? I knew some of the things I liked, but did I know THE thing? Do we ever really know what our thing is? Do we only have ONE thing, or do we have many things?

All these things are really hard to figure out, and I’m pretty sure everyone has a lot of different answers. Makes things tricky, right? Wouldn’t it be nice if our ‘thing’ just came up to us and told us what it was? 

If only it were that easy!

Anyways, why am I writing about all this? Well, as I mentioned in my last post, it has now been a year since I started blogging. Today, it’s official! It is my one year ‘Blog-aversary’, if you will. Quite exciting, if you ask me. So naturally, this got me thinking. I honestly believe that this is the longest I’ve ever stuck with a hobby. As a kid, I tried a lot of different things throughout the years, but none of them lasted this long, I think. So, what does this mean? Is blogging my ‘thing‘, or at least ‘one of my things‘?! Hard to know for sure, right? Even though I may not come to the big conclusion in this post, here is a little list of things to think about.

Is this My ‘Thing‘ or ‘One of My Things‘? -> Zoey-valuated Style

That feeling – Blogging gives me, what I like to call that “where have you been all my life?” feeling. Let me explain. This is that feeling you get when you and something/someone just click. It just makes sense.

Example: The feeling I got when I met Gen for the first time, it was like this ‘aha’ moment, but it also felt calm and familiar. Hopefully this makes sense!

Purpose – What would you say if you had to give a quick answer to this question: what do you think your purpose is? Not trying to get too philosophical here, just couldn’t think of a better way to phrase this. For me, I think my purpose is to help people.

So, does this ‘thing’ you’re thinking about fit with this purpose? 

Asking – Who knows you best? Ask these people what they think your ‘thing’ is. You may be surprised with what they say! Either that, or their answers will be totally wrong. But I mean, what do you have to lose? Worst case, you have a good laugh about it.

So, what does this tell us about my original question; is blogging my ‘thing’ or at least ‘one of my things’? Let’s see… I know for sure that the first two things in my list point towards yes. The last one? Well, that’s where all of you come in! What do YOU think?! You can leave your answers in the comments below! 🙂 


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