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Why hello there, my wonderful readers!

Very excited to tell you that I have another guest post for you guys today! They’ve been so helpful for me to fill in the gaps while being so busy. Gotta love summer time! Also, how on earth did we end up with like 8 people in our lives who were born in the summer? Geez! Anyways, I would love to introduce Afua Gyapomaa Bampoe, a super talented blogger that I’ve recently discovered. Her style of writing is so very cool, I couldn’t help but ask for a guest post. I definitely recommend checking out her blog, Inside Out Girl.

So, enough with my rambling. I hand the floor over to Afua! 

Enjoy her post, guys!

Hi everyone nice to connect with you on this platform and a big thanks to Zoey for trusting me with a guest blog.

I wanted to retell a story I heard, apparently many years ago when the gods walked among us, they had a meeting to decide the deepest place to hide the rarest of treasures. After a long debate lasting a few days the wisest of them came up with the idea that they should hide it within mankind as they will never think to look within them. I am sure you have heard this story in many variations. In fact the bible also says that we are treasure that is hidden in earthen vessels, basically diamonds in clay pots. I wanted to share a few lessons in regards to that.

Firstly, finding treasure is closer to you than you think so instead of going off far and near looking for something spectacular, why don’t you start with yourself?  The challenge is looking beyond the clay, how could something so precious be hidden in clay which can be so messy? Why do we have to dig deep down to find gold? Something so unbreakable kept in something so easily breakable? I am a big believer of inside out living, I believe that to look healthy is completely different from being healthy, when we take care of that which is kept inside of us then we can have something to share on the outside.

Another lesson I have learnt is looking beyond the appearance, gender, race, religious beliefs, and so forth. The external could be messy but what really makes us who we are is that which is within, that is where the actual treasure is hidden. Don’t make conclusions about a person just on how they appear, try to find out what comes out of them as well. Give people a chance especially those that do not look or sound like you.

Thirdly, let us not sell ourselves short, do you have a dream that seems impossible?  A big idea that has been your secret due to how ambitious it sounds? Don’t forget that you are a treasure hidden in your external shortcomings, you need to dig deep. Maybe you are thinking of quitting altogether but there is still one more fight left in you so go on give it one more try, one last digging, you might just touch gold. Let’s go through the months with our head held high, clutching onto this truth: diamond in clay jars.

For your consideration


Thanks for being witness to this incredible talent!

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Go ahead and comment it up! 

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  1. Jessie

    August 28, 2017 at 12:18pm

    I love the advice in this post, especially not selling yourself short! Great post and great tips!

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      Zoey Schvan

      August 29, 2017 at 12:30am

      Yes, I really appreciate her outlook. Quite amazing at this blogging thing, isn’t she? Thanks for stopping by, Jessie! <3

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