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I have a very important and exciting post for you guys today! I’ve been working on tweaking my blog a bit, you know, making it more user-friendly for you guys. One of the more changes is my new category called “LGBTQ+“, I mean let’s face it, I already had a bunch of those posts, ready to go. Today’s new post is a brilliant addition to that folder, so so excited to share it with you all!! 🙂

I was so thrilled when I got in touch with an organization called Unite UK that deals with all things – LGBTQ+.Super cool! I’m extremely proud to share a guest post by the founder Charlotte! The world is changing more and more as time goes on, people are thankfully (and hopefully) becoming more accepting and open-minded. Charlotte and her organization are fantastic at promoting acceptance, the world needs more people like her and her crew. Recently, they did a whole segment on people’s coming out stories, most definitely worth checking out! Anyways, Charlotte wrote a special post for Zoeyvaluated about the misuse of gender pronouns and its affects. It always boggles my mind when people refuse to respect others’ wishes. I mean, seriously, we all need to be kinder to one another. Anyways!  No more rambling… on to the post! <3

Misusing pronouns 

Pronouns are a set of preferences that an Individual uses to describe their gender identification. 

They are different for everyone and in some cases, they can change. But what happens when you intentionally or accidentally misuse someone’s pronouns?  

Well… sadly not a lot. If someone uses the wrong pronouns, it only effects the individual. You see, some people many use the wrong pronouns out of spite. 

Yes, this does happen. It could be a family member refusing to accept that they now want to be addressed using different pronouns to their birth gender. 

It could even be a bully using it to their advantage and making their life a living hell. 

There are many reasons as to why it happens, but there is no excuse to why it does.

If someone has clearly stated, ‘please use these pronouns’ why would you then proceed to go against their wishes? Not only is that so disrespectful, it’s harmful towards the person. 

More than likely they are already dealing with dysphoria, so if you then proceed to constantly use the wrong pronouns, it can seriously distress an individual and make them more dysphoric then ever. 

Being born in the wrong body is a heart breaking concept, the most we can do is respect and help them out by using the right pronouns.



Founder of Unite UK

So happy I could share this post with you!! As usual, I would love for you to share any thoughts, stories, etc. that you have on the topic!

Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to Charlotte for taking the time to create this post about such an important and relevant topic!! <3

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