Guest Post – Parenting 101: 5 Tips To Become A Better Parent For Your Child

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I’m going to reveal something about myself that I don’t talk about much… I went to school for childcare! Yep, six years of college and university, it was the original life plan. I figured it was time to come out and start talking about this stuff on my blog, because I think the only post I’ve written about it is that one about Supernanny.

On that note, I have a special post today, just about that! I was approached by a specialist on the subject, the wonderful Erica Johnson of . Here is her wonderful contribution! What a great way to introduce the topic!


Parenting 101: 5 Tips To Become A Better Parent For Your Child

Nobody enters parenthood being 100 percent sure of themselves or even 50 percent sure. It’s an exciting time, but it’s also a scary time. You might have a good idea of what parenting entails. However, there will be plenty of things for you to learn. These five tips will help you to become a better parent for your child.

1. Keep them healthy

It might seem obvious, but it’s something that you should definitely be aware of. The health of your children is incredibly important, from what to eat to how much sleep they get. While you’ll be able to keep track of this when they’re infants and toddlers, it can get harder as they age. Make sure that you’re paying close attention to their diet. They should also be getting enough sleep. Yes, they will fall sick every now and then, but you can help minimize illnesses.

2. Keep them active

Proper development of your child’s body and mind is essential. As they grow up, you should make sure they’re getting as much exercise as possible. Have them join team sports or other activities to keep them athletic and energized. This is also a great way for them to learn the importance of proper teamwork.

3. Don’t be afraid to discipline

Your child needs to learn that their actions have consequences at as early of an age as possible. Even if they don’t know any better, they can still be made to understand. Tell them in a stern but calm voice about how what they did was wrong. The two of you can devise a plan for how to prevent this from happening again. You want to show your love for your children while also showing them the proper way to behave.

4. Spark their curiosity

Being a parent means answering lots of questions. When your children start asking questions, they’re likely to bombard you. It can be exhausting, but it’s also an important process for their development. Instead of ignoring their questions, ask for their opinions. If they aren’t sure about something, ask them what they think the answer is. This will greatly stimulate their minds and help them become better thinkers.

5. Know what’s going on with them

You might think you know your children better than anyone. While you might know their eye color or favorite foods, there’s still a lot that might not immediately faze you. Be as actively involved with your children as possible. Know about their friends, how school is going and any personal issues. If something seems to be bothering them, you should ask them. Children might seem carefree compared to adults, but they have their own concerns.

If you notice a seemingly-perfect parent and their children, understood that looks can be deceiving. They likely go through moments of intense stress, just like you do. In order to become a better parent for your child, you must be patient. This is patience not only towards your child but also towards yourself.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little treat! From a “professional” opinion, I gotta say, this stuff is top notch! Super great tips! I think even Supernanny would agree! What a great start to a new and exciting topic for Zoeyvaluated!

What are your favorite parenting blogs to read?

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