Is it the Real Deal? 7 Traits of a Good Friend

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So, apparently today was Friends Day on Facebook? Who knew THAT was a thing? I definitely didn’t, but hey, why not right? Friendship is so important, I think it’s worthy of an annual celebration on Facebook. I wrote a post about the sad ending of a friendship a while back, but I feel like I kinda skipped one part of that whole topic… picking the friend in the first place. Guys, it is so so important what kinds of friends you have, no matter how old you are. I’m just hoping I can come up with a post that could maybe even help you a little bit when it comes to making new friends. First! Let’s talk about the word ‘friendship’Here’s what the Oxford Dictionary says about it…



“The emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends.”

“A relationship between friends.”

“A state of mutual trust and support…”


7 Traits of a Good Friend

Fame I’d like to call this one the ‘fame factor’… cheesy, I know. Let me explain… you know that feeling celebrities must get when they are surrounded by fans wanting their autograph? I firmly believe that a good friend should make you feel like this when you get together. Okay, an autograph may not be as necessary, but that feeling of being special is definitely a must 😉

Real – Fake people are the worst, am I right? Super important to have friends that are honest and open with ya. Well, honest, open and kind. Being real is great, but being TOO real with your words may cause friction at times.

Interested – Sadly, you can like someone as much as you want, but if they’re “just not that into you”, there may be a slight hiccup in your plan. A mutual interest in each other’s lives? Definitely a great foundation!

Empathetic – One of THE most important things in any relationship. Friends that feel together, stay together 🙂

Nice – They gotta be nice to you. Period. 

Dependable – You’re having a rough day, and you know that you can call them to cheer you up? They’re most definitely a keeper!

Silly – Oh, I love this one! Having a friend that you feel like you can be silly with… one of the building blocks of “happy”.

These are just my humble opinions, so they may not be the same for everybody. Let;s heard from all of you!

What do you guys think a friend should be like?

What are some good friendship experiences you’ve had and what are some not-as-good ones? 

Thanks so much for reading, ya’ll! (sorry, been watching way too much Nashville)

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